About BabyYoga.org.uk

Looking after a small baby is one of the most rewarding experiences a mother can have, but all of us can find it stressful, tiring and – let’s face it – even boring at times. And which of us doesn’t despair about getting back into shape following the birth? Practising yoga with your baby is the ideal solution to all these problems.

Yoga for mother and baby has many benefits: it is a gentle but effective way to tone up your body; it fits easily into your busy baby-centred day; it is a great way for you and your baby to have fun together; it helps the two of you bond; it gives you confidence in handling your baby; it helps you shake off anxiety, stress and exhaustion; it promotes your baby’s physical and mental development; and is has even been shown to improve the quality of your baby’s sleep!

My mission

Having had the opportunity to practice yoga and massage with my own children, I wanted to help spread the word on the importance and benefits of positive touch for children to other new mothers and parents. I feel very impassioned about how beneficial yoga and massage can be for the whole family that I’d like to try and spread this message to as many parents as possible – both in the UK and beyond!

Hopefully the information shared on this website persuades parents to seek out some local yoga classes for both their baby and themselves and allow them the opportunity to practise these wonderful skills with their children.

Please note: I am NOT a yoga or massage teacher or professional and do not offer any such services!

If you’d like to contact me please feel free to message me through the contact form below (I’d love to hear from you!). I hope you find this website useful and that you get to experience the unique bond and closeness that baby yoga and massage help to provide.

-Stephanie H

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