When to Practice and When Not to Practice

Baby yoga provides an opportunity to experience fun and relaxation within a constructive framework. You and your baby will reap the rewards as long as you follow these simple guidelines to good practice.


  • Always follow similar routines babies receive comfort from familiarity and enjoy recognizing patterns and predicting what will happen next.
  • Always check you are comfortable and relaxed. Do a few warm-ups or breathing exercises yourself before you begin. This way you transfer only positive feelings to your baby.
  • Always make sure your environment is calm and clean. The room should be warm and free from draughts with no light shining into your baby’s eyes.
  • Always work within the specific age limits given in this book and observe your baby’s responses. Just because she wants an energetic practice today, it doesn’t mean she will want the same tomorrow.
  • Always focus on your breathing and posture throughout the practice. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be.
  • Always use organic oils, such as sunflower, almond, sesame, grape seed or olive. Put a drop of oil on a small area of skin and leave it for 24 hours to see if your baby has a rash. Use alternative lubrication for a baby with eczema, following your doctor’s advice.
  • Always be aware of your own practice. Never force it, and be patient: it may take a while until you feel able to stretch to the extent you want to or are used to, but little by little you will experience benefit and improvement.
  • Always include dads and siblings. Many older siblings enjoy massaging their own dolly and dads enjoy constructive play. Baby yoga is fun for everyone!


  • Do not undertake any of the yoga routines on this website until you and your baby have had your 6-week post-natal check up.
  • Never practise on a distressed baby. If your baby gets upset, comfort her and stop the practice until she is calm.
  • Never practise baby yoga if you feel angry. Leave the room for a few moments, take some deep breaths, or call a friend.
  • Never use massage oils before doing energetic baby yoga as your baby may be slippery and you may drop him. Keep the oily massages separate from your play time in baby yoga.
  • Never rush – choose a moment when you have time to spare and check the time is appropriate for your baby. Your baby won’t want play time if she is hungry or tired.
  • Never force any practice – if your baby doesn’t like an exercise, stop and try again some other time.
  • Never massage your baby or practise baby yoga directly after she has been immunized. Wait 48 hours as most babies will feel unwell.
  • Never practise yoga with your baby if she is sick or unwell. If She has a fever, is limp, or has difficulties breathing, seek medical assistance immediately. If in doubt, call for help.